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Atari 600XL - Upgrade to 64k


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You guys, I'm so excited.  I went ahead and upgraded a recently acquired 600XL to 64k of memory.  That makes it mostly equivalent to the 800XL, only in a smaller package.  The upgrade was really easy.  Only needed to purchase 2 memory chips and then do a very small amount of soldering.  I thought I'd post the instructions I gathered from around the web here in one document.  I'd be happy to help if anyone else in interested in doing this type of upgrade.


Here's the finished product after putting it back together and cleaning it up.



And here's the free memory command that shows the same value as a 64k 800XL (don't mind the fuzzy picture)








Internal upgrade to bring the 600XL up to 64kB.pdf

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Just did this same upgrade last week as well as a basic composite out mod and added an internal USB cable to install an internal SIO2PC FTDI board.


Such a nice little unit. 


64K Upgrade


Composite and USB mod


Composite mod (enclosed in RF Modulator case)


Rear Composite A/V Out and USB Out


Completed Unit


2600 (Light Sixer) - 7800 - 600XL - 800XL - 65XE - 130XE - XEGS - TI-99/4A

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Yea, the bottom two purple wires were soldered to the trace lines instead of the actual chips, but I would be interested to know the difference between my pink wire connected to the resistor vs. your small jumper wire on the chip. 

Apparently there is more than one way to skin the cat.


EDIT: You can skin the cat more than one way ;-) Just found this post asking the same question and here is one reply:





i just looked over your pic and a schematic, and the U5/U6 to U15 wires are the same as D->C and K->J, and the other jumper just accomplishes the same as the wire from the resistor to U16 in another method...
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2600 (Light Sixer) - 7800 - 600XL - 800XL - 65XE - 130XE - XEGS - TI-99/4A

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