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Galloping Ghost Arcade - Arcade in Chicago Area


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I live in the Chicago area, and there is a cool place called the Galloping Ghost Arcade. It's $15 to get in and you don't need to put in quarters or anything. They have grown in recent years and are doing a fundraiser to eventually buy the buildings next to them and merge them all together. That will make them the largest arcade in the US or possibly the world. If you're ever in the Chicago area, check it out! http://www.gallopingghostarcade.com/

Retro obsessed dude

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leo I stop by Ghost every so often (I live 15 mins away from it)

I donated 2500 in the first fundraiser which gave me a life time pass to the

arcade. me and doc are working on plans on doing an atari week along with my Atarimania event.

plus I usually have after gathering for my video game trade show (video game summit) there as well.

AVC Online:atari-video.club

VGS website: http://videogamesummit.net


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