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War in the Machine for the Sega Genesis

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Got a new sega genesis game coming to the PRGE courtesy of Good Deal Games!


War in the Machine is an arcade shooter with a difference: you are one of two bases that launch fighter ships at enemies.  Each enemy is procedurally generated including its movement pattern.  The larger boss class enemy inherits the best rated movement pattern.  Although shields never regenerate the C button renders the base invulnerable (but prone.)

Should be available at the Portland Oregon Retro Gaming Expo and the Good Deal games storefront shortly.


Oh, and, if you have something like chromadepth glasses (think Crayola 3D glasses) then it's 3D :)

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Oh, yeah.  I forgot to mention I'm not really promoting this.  Just showing it off to my friends.  Good Deal Games can do the marketing themselves.


If y'all have feedback - even "WTF is this?!?" - then please tell me about it.  I try to improve my games each time by getting feedback from fellow retro gamers.



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