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More "proposals" and signatures blah blah blah, what these clowns do not seem to get is SEGA have no interest, IF they do want to re-enter the market I am sure they have their own way of doing so. 


Sega Spartan? More like Sega Fartin am I right? ENOUGH ALREADY. No amount of petitions or signatures by Sega Fans is going to make the current Sega take notice or give a shit, they are too busy lending their license and IP's to cheap Chinese handheld and clone manufacturers for quick cashing in on Sega fans nostalgia.


From the site - Is the Spartan and Sonic 4K endorsed by Sega?No. The Spartan is not endorsed by Sega. This project serves to build a working prototype to propose to Sega. In turn, entice them to come back to the console hardware market with a current gen console.


Sonic 4K is a fan made tech demo. It will not be sold for commercial purposes.





This will serve only to ONCE AGAIN stir up all the Sega fanboys and get hopes up only to result in another failed attempt. "Project Dream" , Dreamcast II etc, etc, etc, rinse and repeat. AND BEFORE anyone starts with the "Oh but anything is possible! Stop being "negative"! " No, no. there is nothing of substance or anything based in reality here, we keep seeing this, over and over and over for years now, all the "WANTING" and "WISHING" and "DREAMING" are NOT going to do a damn thing to bring a worth while Sega console to market. It is not being "negative" or having a glass half empty viewpoint it is common sense and being rooted in reality. 



I LOVE SEGA  :sega_genesis: ,


I have had about every console and handheld and still have several including Sega CDX, SMS, 3 Dreamcasts etc which I will always love and enjoy. But every time there is a Fan based project, proposal, online petition, rendered images and a lot of vague double talk and saying things like "We are hoping to entice Sega back into the console market" the end result is ALWAYS the same and if you been following and paying any type of attention you damn well know it, every two bit online gaming related article and blogger spin it into some positive great new Sega hope, fans get stirred into a frenzy to the point of getting mad or defensive if you so much as question the validity of it, there is a lot of talk and hype and noise and then.....either excuses or it completely disappears or to reemerge in another form or fashion in 3 month, 6 months, or a year, LATHER RINSE AND REPEAT  It has to be said and it is OK, I am quite use to the misinformed and defensive fan backlash proclaiming me quite wrongly to be a HATER or not Party Spoiler or the most ludicrous accusation that I merely hate SEGA (my collection / history would say different  ) because in the end it is always the same result, I see no reason to expect anything different THIS TIME or THE NEXT TEN TIMES  If anything I am a Sega Fan who does not let my love or nostalgia guide me or blind me to what common sense and repeated history has taught me, you do not have to like it but you should at least try to accept it and deal with it. Just wanting this madness to stop. 



I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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SEGA has zero interest in re-entering the hardware market. These "fan" led attempts at spurring them to do so are just sort've weird. Also, the design is horribly ugly. It has all of the worst attributes of "gaming" PCs.

Thank you, agree 100%, it has never worked this way in the past, these "fans" are delusional but I think it is a reflection of the current generation based less in reality and more thinking because of social media believing in their own self interests take priority over anything else. It is great to have nostalgia and love something but this is not the way to revive it. 

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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And really when you break down the proposal they are really not offering anything one cannot do themselves by taking a mid level PC and loading it up with emulators and adding a wireless controller. Sega would laugh at this. 

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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I really dislike the aesthetics of this, reminiscent of an adolescent's impression of what manly toughness is (really, you're going with "Spartan?").


Besides that, what makes this different to the current crop of consoles? If you're not going to compete on ideas (like Nintendo) then you're just playing a game of attrition with Sony and Microsoft who, I'm sure, have much deeper pockets.

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