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Left Behind - Nintendo Edition

Atari 5200 Guy

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Hi Atarians!


So...after lunchtime, I'm sitting in my living room playing on my 800XL going through the really large amount of programs I downloaded from the Internet Archives when there was a knock on my door.  So I go to answer it.  Once again one of the maintenance guys to our apartment complex was standing there holding machines at almost face level.  He's the same one that dropped off the last console.  It's amazing what people leave behind sometimes.




I was just handed a N64 (with adapter, controller, and memory expansion pak!) and a Super NES (console only).  So my Atari Day turned into an Atari/Nintendo Day.  I'm not complaining...I only wish I had the rest of the Super and one game (F-Zero) to test it out as I have no clue if it works.  The N64 works but the reset button sticks and is missing the bottom expansion bay cover.  




The thumbstick on the N64 controller will need replacing.  No biggie there.  Otherwise it works.




And the Super NES has that commonly known problem with the power jack missing the center plastic piece.  This one may take a while as it needs everything!!  I don't even own an SNES game but this has been a much wanted system in the collection so I am grateful to get it.  Oh...and it looked much worse than what this picture shows.  I cleaned it up a bit before taking the picture.  At least it is not half yellow and half white like most are.


As soon as I get the proper bit tool to open these up, and more of my favorite cleaner, I will be doing a thorough cleaning job on them.  I'm glad to have them.     


NOTE:  Edited to correct errors.

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