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Thoughts on 3DO


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So, I've been revisiting the 3DO via emulation. I bought one - a Panasonic FZ-1 - secondhand in the late 90s for super cheap with a decent set of games. It didn't get as much play as my Saturn, PS1 or Jaguar but it was a fun enough system back then. That system was sold 18 years ago.


I was considering adding one to the collection but - at least on the 4DO emulator - the games haven't held up as well as I remembered. My favorites like Road Rash, Rebel Assault, Need for Speed and even Gex just seem a little hokey. Return Fire and Escape from Monster Manor are still fun but not enough to justify the splurge. Also, a lot of the games were refined/updated and released on the Saturn and PS1.


What are your thoughts on the 3DO? Any other gems that I should try out before writing off the system?

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I only played a 3DO one time at a game trading store and the game that was playing on it was Road Rash.  Fun game and system but I never had one nor do I know anything about it.  The model I played was the FZ-10.  I thought it was more attractive than the original model and the controller was comfortable.  It just seemed like one of those consoles that felt out of place in a market that was getting saturated with all kinds of gaming hardware.  It was hard to decide which way to go.  I'd have one today if I could find one I could afford.

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