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So i got a Japanese gamecube. Region switch?


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Alright i need some help here. I git this Japanese gamecube from a local collector. I took it home and realized there is a switch underneath it. I can only imagine it is a region switch? But again im not sure.


So i turned it on with an American game in it and this red box came up (i guess it says not compatible). I turned it off and hit the switch and the red box still came up. I then hit the switch while the system was on and still nothing. Anyone have a clue? Thanks yall




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Ok...did a translation.  This:




Translates to:


The disc could not be read. Please read the Nintendo GameCube Instruction Booklet for more information.


If you remove the words "Nintendo GameCube" from the English error message that USA models can display you end up with:





...and that looks about like the message you are getting.  So your GameCube possibly can't read discs for some reason.  You might want to try to either find someone not afraid to take it apart or if you feel comfortable doing it yourself take it apart and see what was done.  It is very possible someone did the mod and did not do it correctly.  Either that or it is a region switch that supports PAL instead of our NTSC standard.


I hope that helps.  I will see if I can dig more information up.

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