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Another fairly priced 2600 homebrew - Pancake


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Give Me My Pancake!

by Mr. Atari






This one looks really cool.  It's got the look and feel of a Game-n-Watch, which is a really neat idea.  Plus, the ROM is available to try for free.  And you can get a custom message in the hard version for just a few bucks more!  And finally...only about $18 shipped to the US!    Oh!  And there is a PDF of the box that you can print yourself.  Unbelievable! 


I ordered one.  The game is pretty simple, but it's fun and unique, and I think we all should support such fairly priced efforts. 

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It came!  That didn't take long. 


All the way from Netherlands.



This is what comes in the bag: 



I chose a Combat with a bad label (and no end label) as the shell donor:



While I have the cart taken apart, I clean everything up with alcohol and a cotton ball:



A quick test after assembly (and before I put the stickers on):



And finally, I put the stickers on using a Yars' Revenge to make sure I orient them correctly:



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