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Atari I/O Secret Santa 2017!

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I'm so glad you liked the gifts.  I had a lot of fun tracking those wish list items down.


PS - I'm addicted to Pole Position on that Plug and Play.  The twisty-knob steering makes it the best emulated version ever!  We should have a high score contest on that game. 


Yes! I was thrilled to see that this one has the twist knob. I used to have the Ms. Pac-Man  PnP, and it had the twist knob too, but I thought that was the only one to do that. Bonus!

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Got a wonderful surprise under the tree this year from the Shah himself. Thank you Justin for the great gift, and may the rest of your Christmas break be merry and bright.


Download my ROM pack for the AFP....



:thumb:  :thumb:

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Though I was unable to participate this year I did receive a mystery package from CA!!!!! Turns out it was from the one and only BTB!!!!!!!


Top left items are what I received from him. Not shown is a silicone ice cube tray that makes huge 2"x2" ice cubes for when I feel classy!!!


Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and a Happy New Year!!!!!!   



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