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Atari PONG table in action

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I was down at IAAPA 2017 last week where I had the opportunity to experience the new Atari PONG EM coffee table. This was Kickstarted but a Chinese manufacturer by the name of UNIS has picked it up for worldwide manufacture and distribution.


What's seen in the video is the home coffee table version; it was impressive to watch (albeit not perfect and surprisingly small). I hope to get a chance to see the commercial edition next year that they say is the size of a typical air hockey table as well as a "bar edition" that is apparently the same width & depth as the version seen here but is taller so you can sit at one on a barstool.


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Haha, yeah I don't have much of a personal use for one but it would still be cool to have.


That said, I'm going to hold out to see what the commercial or bar version looks like and see if it's worth grabbing for the arcade

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