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Super Cobra Arcade ROM released!


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from John Champeau (Champ Games).....


As promised, here is the ROM for Super Cobra Arcade (both NTSC and PAL60).  If you enjoy the game and would like to purchase a full copy, please visit the AA store for more details.  As always, the support is greatly appreciated!




The object of Super Cobra Arcade is to pilot your helicopter and traverse 10,000 miles (10 stages), avoiding or destroying numerous obstacles (tanks, rockets, UFOs, meteors, guided missiles, mines, etc.).  At the end of 10,000 miles, your mission is to capture the 'booty' (money) and carry it safely away from the enemy base. 




There are 4 difficulty levels: NOVICE, STANDARD, ADVANCED and EXPERT.  Move the joystick left/right to select the desired difficulty or press SELECT.  Push the joystick up or down to cycle through the different screens (title screen, score table and high scores).  Press RESET or the fire button to start a game.  




Use the joystick controller to move your helicopter.  Press the fire button to simultaneously fire missiles (up to 3 at a time) and drop bombs (up to 2 at a time).  If the left difficulty switch is set to B (burst mode), you can hold down the button to fire up to 5 shots (3 missiles and 2 bombs).  Release and press again to fire up to 5 more shots.  If the left difficulty is in the A position, this is single shot mode (will fire up to 1 bullet and 1 bomb at a time).  


2-button mode:  If you have a Sega Genesis gamepad connected to the left controller port when you power on the game, the message "GAMEPAD FOUND" will be displayed briefly on the Atari Age welcome screen.  In 2-button mode, push the B button to fire missiles and the C button to drop bombs.  




You start the game with 3 - 5 ships, depending on the skill level.  You earn a bonus ship at 10,000 points, 50,000 points, and every 50,000 points after that.  You also earn a bonus ship for successfully capturing the booty and carrying it to safety.  


Maneuver your helicopter through the winding caverns, avoiding or destroying the enemy obstacles.  While travelling through the terrain, your ship will use precious fuel.  To replenish your supply, seek out and destroy the fuel depots.  If you run out of fuel, your helicopter will crash and you will lose a life.

  • Rockets: fire up towards your ship.  Some rockets move much quicker than others.
  • Tanks: stationary and fire bullets at your helicopter
  • Guided missiles: launch in an arcing pattern towards your ship.  Be careful; on higher difficulty levels they will 'wrap-around' the side of the screen and appear on the other side.
  • Spinning drones: Move in swirling patterns before attacking your ship.
  • Falling mines: Drop from the cavern ceiling towards your ship.  
  • Roaming tanks: Move along the terrain to avoid bombs while firing bullets at your ship.
  • Meteors: Move very fast towards your ship.  They cannot be destroyed and therefore must be avoided.
  • Shadow meteors:  Similar to meteors except they 'follow' your ship.  Unlike meteors, they can be destroyed if hit 4 times.  
  • UFOs:  Move in unpredictable patterns trying to ram your chopper.  On later levels, they will also fire missiles that must be avoided.
  • Maze: Navigate the tight corners of the maze while destroying fuel and avoiding rockets and tank fire.
  • Base: Once you have successfully navigated the maze, you will need to invade the enemy's base and capture the booty ($).  To do so, destroy or avoid the enemy installations and swoop down towards the booty.  Pick up the booty by 'touching' it with your helicopter and then quickly carry it up over the mountainside away to safety.  If you accidentally destroy the booty or are killed by the enemy while carrying the booty, a message will be displayed saying that you must start the base stage over and try again.

Each stage of 1,000 miles has 1 or more 'checkpoints'.  On the novice level, a faint beep is played when a new checkpoint is reached.  For every 1,000 miles travelled, a brief message is displayed marking your accomplishment.  If your ship is destroyed and you have a reserve ship, you will start at the beginning of the last checkpoint. 




The game ends when all ships have been destroyed and there are no more in reserve.  When the Game Over screen is displayed, you will also be presented with an option to continue the current game.  To continue a game, press the fire button before the 10-second timer expires.  The game will then continue beginning of the last stage from the previous game (not that last checkpoint) for the current level (# of bootys captured), with the score reset to 0.  You are allowed up to 5 continues.  To start a new game, you can either press RESET from the GAME OVER screen or simply wait for the game to return to the title screen after the timer has expired and then press the button or RESET.




If the score you obtained in your game exceeds the lowest score from the high score table (top 10) for the current skill level, the HIGH SCORE table will be displayed prior to starting

If your score is greater than one of the top 10 scores for the current skill level, the high score screen will be displayed and your current score will be displayed in WHITE.  


The high score table displays the top 10 scores for the current skill level.  If there is a Savekey or Atarivox plugged in the right controller port, up to 10 scores for each of the 4 levels are saved and restored.  To reset the high score table for the current skill level, press and hold the RESET button then press SELECT, then simultaneously release both buttons.  All scores will be reset to 10,000.



Brian Matherne - owner/curator of "The MOST comprehensive list of Atari VCS/2600 homebrews ever compiled." http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew

author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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