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Ever wanted better video output from your Intellivision console? Maybe? There are few options for video upgrades on the Intellivision with pretty much only composite solutions openly available to the masses. However, all of the various composite kits have their plus and minus. Some over saturate some of the colors and they look wrong, others aren't totally compatible with all TVs etc. There was an RGB output solution a few years back but it too had some compatibility issues with different scalers and converters and isn't commonly available. Today's video, ITC#75 takes a look at more recent option for the Intellivision that provides us with YUV or component video output using a dual purpose RGB/YUV board designed by AtariAge member 'The_Crayon_King'. His RGB board solution is a nice small PCB that makes installation quite versatile. While the RGB output of Crayon's board still gave me compatibility issues, the YUV output from this earlier design board of his has worked quite well for me. I go over the details of the board and go over the complete installation process of installing one Crayon's boards into an Intellivision model 2 console using the YUV output. The_Crayon_King has already developed a newer version of this board that provides much improved RGB compatibility with devices like the Framemeister and OSSC. However, the new board still features YUV output and the design of the newer board is close to this older one with pretty much the exact same install process being needed. 


Thank you for watching and I hope this helps others looking to install one of these older kits or one of his newer ones when they are available.



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