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Holiday themed retro games

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Help a brother out...I'm looking to put together a list of holiday-themed games to play this season.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • "Christmas Carol" for the Nintendo DS -- I got this movie-based game from the junk box a while ago.  I think I'll try to get through the whole game.
  • Skiing for Atari 2600. 
  • Winter Games for 7800. 
  • Intellivision Ice Trek (Starbuck66's post reminded me of this one).
  • Elf Bowling for PC.  Cracks me up after all these years.  Fewer toys, higher wages.

I just learned that there's an "Elf-The Movie" GBA game.  I don't have it, but I love the movie.  I'm going to look for it. 



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I have to give Nintendo credit for one game that changes in real time with the seasons.  Animal Crossing (at least on the GameCube).  And every Christmas Day it generally gives you a gift which is usually a classic NES game you can play, with-in Animal Crossing, on your Game Cube.  Not a bad idea.  It's the only reason I would continue to play the game today if only my controller had not went out (cheap third party controller).  

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Adding to what I mentioned before, Terraria, while not considered a retro game, does celebrate Christmas between December 15th and 31st (starts on December 1st on mobile gaming devices).  During the event the game will randomly drop "Presents" from enemies killed.  Each present has a percent chance to give Christmas related items including weapons, clothing, and more. 


There is also a Christmas-themed event where the player is placed against a bombardment of Christmas-themed enemies.  The player will battle elves, gingerbread men, nutcrackers, Christmas Trees, robotic Santa with a missile launcher and machine gun, and more.  This event, while Christmas themed, is not stricken to just the Christmas holiday season, and can be activated anytime during the game.  

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