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Odyssey 2

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So one of the local shops I go to had an Odyssey 2 for 30 bucks! No games or voice module, but it did come with a manual.


I know little to nothing about this system, but I picked it up for my in-laws as an anniversary gift. It was the first console they had, and they have some serious nostalgia for it. Anyone have any suggestions on games I should try to pick up? KC Munchkin seems obvious, but beyond that I wasn’t sure.

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Annnd proof you should use the search feature before posting folks.... http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/2021-magnavox-odyssey-2/?fromsearch=1pretty much answered my questions :-)


But hey at least everyone knows about the good deal I got :-)


I think I’ll just wait to get that Multicart; it has a waiting list right now, but for 40 bucks it’s a steal.

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Well I didn’t end up getting my hands on a multicart, but I did manage to get several loose carts a few weeks back in Detroit for 2 dollars a piece. I also got a few in box games in the 4-10 dollar range. I believe this was the final game list I ended up with:


Computer Golf


Speedway/Spinout/Crypto Logic


Invaders from Hyperspace

Pick Axe Pete

KC Munchkin

Out of this world/Helicopter Rescue

Alien Invaders Plus

Armored Encounter / Subchase


I gave it to my in-laws last night and they were excited! They played Pick Axe Pete for at least 30 minutes, then they popped in KC Munchkin for a while. I then played some UFO, Invaders from Hyperspace, and Armored Encounter/Sub Chase with my father in law. We had a blast! This system is pretty fun given its limitations, and I especially enjoyed the strategy involved in Invaders from Hyperspace. KC Munchkin is no slouch either; just because there aren’t as many dots as there are in Pac Man doesn’t make it easier!

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