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The Death Of The CRT Television - A Dreamcast Gamer Short Film


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"It's 2018 and millions of people all around the world are throwing away their cathode ray tube television sets in favor of flat-screen TVs.  Sadly, retro gamer Dallas Cox, a big fan of CRTs, is now replacing his first tube TV...with an LCD???  Is Dallas finally going with the flow and upgrading to a modern display?"

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I think that's your best video yet! I laughed, I cried, I marveled at the production values.....


I've kept one CRT. A 13 inch beauty with a VCR built in.

Wow! Thank you so much for those kind words! My goal was to mess with the viewer's emotions and showcase my editing skills in a video discussing something I'm quite passionate about. The 1991 Goldstar I bought for the video is a 13 inch, but sadly it doesn't include a VCR :)
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I think mine is a "Funai", which is tremendously fun to say.  "Foo-Nigh". 

I do love the flat panel TV's for their light weight and space saving.  I keep that one CRT mostly to be able to play light gun games.


That makes sense. As long as I use S-Video, retro games look good on my LCD. Too bad I smashed it XD
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Wait...how do you use S-Video? Some kind of mod to your systems? I just use the old yellow/white/red composite.

If the system supports it, I do. As shown in this video, I have a 3-in-1 NES, Genesis, and SNES console by Retro-Bit. It supports S-Video and plays every game I have perfectly (the Genesis sound is actually good!)
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