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Interview with Scott Adams


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Scott Adams of the famed text adventures.  I find this type of thing fascinating.  And it's so important to preserve the history behind those old original games.




My first taste of the Scott Adams' adventure games were the VIC-20 cartridge versions.  I think I had 3 of them.  Made paper maps.  Solved them all.  I remember to start the games, you actually had to type in a SYS command to the VIC. 




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Thanks for the link -- very nice quick read with a couple of links to explore. It looks like he did a Zoom call last week as part of Gamescom -- sorry to have missed that one. EDIT: Looks like the Gamescom panel that he participated in was uploaded on YouTube. I'm going to watch when I get the chance.

I think I played one or two Scott Adams adventures back in the 80s but don't remember the games. I remember seeing ads for Preppie! and always wanting to give it try. In any case, games from Scott Adams's company were a prominent part of my Atari 8-bit landscape largely in part due to their advertisements and cool box art. Last year, I bought three adventure titles from Venezuela (or was that Argentina?) and Preppie! from a US seller.

I hope to set up my 800XL later this year so I can start re-living my fondest memories of computing and re-playing some classic games. I just need to figure out how to use the SD drive and Ultimate cartridge 🙄 I already have a small collection of files downloaded.


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