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Recommendations - HDMI -> composite adapter?


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I was in a gamestore lastweekend & the clerk mentioned to another customer search Newegg.com




I sorted by best selling


I have no personal experience as of yet with the thing


sorted the wrong way :( https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAB4F5R42992&cm_re=HDMI_to_composite-_-9SIAB4F5R42992-_-Product

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No idea.  I guess I'd just want to avoid any potential lag that an adapter can introduce.


The comment about signal quality is interesting.  The original SNES system was designed for good old NTSC TV.  The HDMI improvement....is it really that great given the source? 


In any case, I finally got a SNES Classic today (yay!) and I'll give it a shot on an HDTV before trying out an adapter (which I don't have yet) for a CRT. 

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One issue I noticed with my SNES classic is input lag with our Samsung 55” if I don’t turn it on before turning the TV on. Weird but true; found the issue with other hdmi devices and Samsung tv’s on Google. Don’t have the issue with our 65” Sony’s.


I have a cheap composite to hdmi adapter and it’s shown video quality issues and input lag when I tried to use it with my Intellivision Flashback and Atari Flashback 4. It worked ok with my N64 though (ok being the key word; no input lag but video quality was still not great).


If your HD set still has composite in likely that’s your best bet; if it doesn’t then one of these cheap adapters is better than nothing, but YMMV.

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