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Recently acquired a 2600 Jr


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A buddy of mine was moving and stumbled on a 2600 Jr he had lying around, and told me I could have it! Didn’t have a power supply or anything else with it, so I picked up a Retro-bit 2600 AC adapter and fired it up. The picture had a some jailbars and very staticky sound. I tore it apart, and dusted it out to see if that made any difference, and of course it didn’t. I then took off the shielding and tried it again, and the static in the sound is gone, and the picture still isn’t perfect, but it’s much clearer. Any idea why the shielding would be causing interference? I’m guessing it’s grounding out somewhere?


Another question: I’m really interested in doing an AV mod on this since it’s a spare (I have my 7800 as my main system still)... is there a kit anyone would recommend?

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I like this mod kit:




It's already built, and pretty easy to install.


Unknown why removing the shielding would clean up the signal. That is strange.

Man the price is right too, thanks!

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