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Vector Patrol has been released!

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Received #116 in today's mail. Kristof has another serious hit on his hands and I can see this one eventually selling more than Vector Pilot and I know he sold well over 500 of those! Here is a teaser of this excellent Moon Patrol re-imagined straight from my vectrex.


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I did not know it had been released but did manage to email Kristoff and heard from him today.  I have no idea what number mine will be but it will likely be over 200!


You are most likely correct. People who ordered theirs about a week after I ordered mine, got theirs today as well and they were numbered in the 130s. Mine was #116 so it likely will reach over 200 orders if is hasn't already. Might be one of the fastest selling if not the fastest selling Vectrex homebrews that's been released.


As for how to order, you have to sent Kristof an email asking for the ordering details. Eventually you will get a reply that will either tell you, you are in a waiting queue to get the ordering information, or he will send you an email with the ordering options and how to pay..etc. My understanding is that he is only able to process a few orders a day since he is a one man operation getting these made and released out. What you get for the price I feel is easily worth the price of admission!




Might need to disable your AV if you have one before browsing to it. For some odd reason, his site triggers lots of AV web scanners as malicious. I had to add an exclusion to my Malware Bytes in order to access his site. He doesn't have the game up for ordering on his website yet, but you email him directly to ask to be placed in the queue.

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