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Roland MT-200 : The retro sound you didn't know you need


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Recently acquired and repaired an Roland MT-200. It is basically like having an SC-55 sound module with the ability to play midi files jukebox style from a floppy disk drive! Aside from not having MT-32 support, it covers the rest of the early 90s era DOS gaming Midi needs. Also this module works great with DosBox, ScummVM, and the X68 Sharp x68k emulator through the use of a Roland UMONE mkii usb to midi adapter set.



For those interested, I picked up my MT-200 listed in as is condition for $40 shipped. It ran another $40 for a brand new set of the Roland USB - Midi cables. Overall, I'm really happy with it!


Repairs needed:


Settings and Instrumentation was all goofed up. A factory reset from the hidden diag menus took care of this.

Floppy drive would light up but not read or recognize a disk had been inserted. Turned out to be a bend pin on the floppy interface connector on the mainboard. I'm not the only to have gotten inside this module. Also cleaned up the floppy read/write heads as they were pretty nasty as well. About an hours worth of time to fix given I'd never been inside one of these before.

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See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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