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Atari 5200 - UAV Installation for that awesome video and sound

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Here is a video I did on my UAV installation into a 4-port 5200. I had some issues in that this particular 4-port refused to work without the 4050 still in the mix. Since I wanted to keep the RF shield in place, it required some modification of the mod board.


Bryan's procedures are pretty much dead on so unless there is a need for something with more pictures...etc I'm leaving it with just my video and Bryan's instructions.




Bryan's instructions for installation are found on his blog here:



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Well, I was never really content with this old video and had seen questions regarding what is or isn't required in the UAV installation process for the 5200s in other groups I visit. So..with that... I recently installed a UAV into a 2-port unit and made a newer and I think a better detailed video about how to install the UAV into 5200 systems.

I also wrote up a new installation guide that follows the same format as my 7800 guide I wrote about 3 years ago. Hopefully now and in the future, these are useful resources to others...

5200 UAV Installation Guide:



5200 UAV Installation Video 2020:


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