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Advice for my next podcast?


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Hey, all...I'm already planning out, scripting out, and already even started recording segments for my next podcast. It's not going to be a video game podcast (so I won't be polluting this forum every time a new episode is released :) ), but I will undoubtedly have periodic segments about video games.


Here's the story: some of you know I co-host Pie Factory Podcast with my longtime friend Jim. That podcast was his idea; it's his baby. I was actually already planning to do a completely different podcast, putting ideas together and stuff, specifically a Beach Boys related-podcast because there weren't any at the time. But while I was floating ideas in my mind, Jim asked me to do PFP with him, so I accepted, putting my original idea on hold. Well...recently, a (really well done) Beach Boys podcast launched and is doing pretty much the stuff I had in mind.


But anyway, as some of you know, I also host my own podcast, The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast. And I was thinking about what to do when it either ends or has to come to a halt. (And it will have to come to a halt in the next few months, simply because I'm running out of games to cover, and there are several WIPs that probably won't be finished any time soon!)


So I thought of this: I have a lot of interests -- especially music and classic video games. And years ago I wondered aloud why, when you go to a bookstore or library, you'll see plenty of biographies and autobiographies of people who are famous or did hugely important things that affected millions: pro athletes, politicians, movie stars, inventors, etc. But you never see such thing for just...an average, everyday, nobody like myself. HEY, maybe I should write that! I'll write an autobiography...I'm nobody important to the world: I'm just an average, 9-5, non-rich, non-poor, white guy in middle America. Let me tell my boring story!

And the thing is...whenever I decide to sit down and write something, it never comes to full fruition, mainly because my other interests take over...music, gaming, coding (I'm a web site developer for a living and I also like to do some programming in my spare time), traveling with my wife (we're not rich, but we do make sure we take a trip whenever our schedules and fundage allow), podcasting, stuff like that...


Wait...waitaminit...podcasting??? Yeah, I like podcasting. Really like it. I feel kind of incomplete if I don't spend at least a few minutes a day behind a microphone. So...why not combine that with my autobio-of-a-nobody idea? Yeah!!!


So...my podcast will be called Autobiography of a Schnook, which is what I was going to call my original (written) idea. Every episode I'll talk about some aspect of my life - stories, anecdotes, advice I've received and given, etc. And every episode will end on a segment about music -- quite often the Beatles or Beach Boys, or maybe even play some music that I've written...


If you've heard either of my current podcasts, you might have noticed I kind of inflect in certain ways, try to be as conversational as possible (I read from a script, which I know a lot of people have a hard time with), etc. But for Schnook I'm going to make it a bit more "as read by the author" kind of thing.


But anyway...that's what I'm going to do. If people like it, great. If people don't, that's fine, but it's something I want to do. I don't know if I'm going to adhere rigidly to a schedule -- of course I'll try my standard of every-two-weeks -- but I don't want to go too long between episodes. (I love No Quarter, for instance, but I don't like that there are months between episodes...)


What advice would y'all have for me in this endeavor???

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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