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What Are Your Retro Gaming Goals For 2018?

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Do you guys have any goals for 2018?


Personally, I need to downsize my collection, so my goal is to get rid of at least 100 different titles throughout the year.


I also want to better organize my collection, as I still have many items mixed in items from my move over a year ago.



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A whole year! I can get a lot done in that kind of time.

  • Get some Jaguar code up and running, first rB+ and then maybe a little native assembler.
  • Take on another hardware project, possibly something which interfaces directly with the Jaguar.
  • Finish up my 2600 in an SoC emulator. It's largely complete, but I need a chip fast enough and with the right peripheral interfaces to run the emulator and keep up with NTSC pixel clock timings. There's a few candidate chips I'm looking at with some new Nucleo dev boards coming out this month which I'll pick up soon.
  • Experiment with Rust as a language for writing perfomant emulators in.
  • Actually play a game. ;)

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Wow. I think I will just enjoy the games I currently have. Wife was very kind over the holidays and gifted me a Lynx II with three games and a Wii with a few games. Last month I found a few more Wii games for $3 each and a friend literally gave me their Super Mario Galaxy (winch is great fun!). I also have tons of games I have not finished for reason or another so if I do get any more games it will most likely be for the Wii as long as I can keep finding them cheap.


As for hardware I have plans to pick up an ST computer. Should be able to in the next month or so.


Other than that I plan to lay low on buying games this year.

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Here's a glimpse at a few of my goals in no particular order:


  • Integrate a beautiful new chat room into the forums where we can host fun new events
  • Grow our membership
  • New contests in the forums
  • More attention to the Blog, publish member submissions more quickly
  • Build up excitement for the Atari I/O Retro Junk Box
  • My new home arcade needs arcade games! I'd like to get a few. RoadBlasters, Outrun, and Crystal Castles on my list.
  • Relaunch my YouTube Channel. Develop new content.
  • Atari I/O After Hours Podcast
  • Do more with Danisen League (2-player challenges, best of 3 wins), simplify and make easy for everybody to play
  • Achieve a new world record for Outrun in the arcades
  • Complete my journey through Neutopia on TurboGrafx-16 and begin Neutopia 2
  • Expand my TurboGrafx collection, particularly Super CD games
  • Find a like-new, recapped TurboExpress
  • McWill LCD screen upgrade to Atari Lynx
  • Get my hands on an Analogue Super Nt (https://www.analogue.co/pages/super-nt/)
  • Atari I/O T-Shirts and more


I'll be fortunate to accomplish 3 of these goals this year.

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Ooooh, I'd like one of those McWill Lynx screen updates as well. Great idea. I'm adding this to my list too.



You know btbfilms76 has one and he swears by it. I've never seen one in person but I've seen BTB's in his show. The screen looks absolutely gorgeous. Bright, vivid colors, everything the Lynx was meant to be. His also has the VGA out which comes in handy for his show ("handy" pun intended). I'd be afraid of ruining my Lynx but the mod looks worth the effort.

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