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Must have Lynx games?

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On 4/26/2020 at 2:19 PM, MalakZero said:

New Lynx owner here, liking the recommendations thus far! Hows "Shadow of the Beast" on this unit? The Sega version was a big let down...

As a lover of Shadow of the Beast game, my experience was the port for Turbo Duo back when it was released, I can say hands down that the Lynx port is amazing in its own right. I will be covering this game on the next few Lynx Lounge episodes as we look at platform games and hero’s that run right. 

Do yourself a favor and pick it up. 

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Games and accessories I want to acquire:



Gordo 106


NFL Football

Tournament Cyberball

Malibu Beach Bikini Volleyball (I believe that is the name of the game, but it is volleyball)

Shadow of the Beast

Switchblade II



Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

Chip's Challenge

Scrapyard Dog

Zarlor Mercenary

Gates of Zendocon

Fat Bobby

Bubble Trouble

Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop



An Atari Lynx I game system (I already have the Atari Lynx II)

If possible, extra ComLynx cables (for multiplayer support)

I have 32 games for my Atari Lynx II already, but this is a list of games that I would like to get. If I get another extra Lynx II, I might get it fitted with the McWill upgrade screen and VGA port (so it could be hooked up to a TV or monitor for full-screen gameplay), but I have not decided that yet.

I also have heard about someone turning a Lynx into a console. It is on YouTube in three parts on the channel Retro Revolutions. It is pretty good. He used an A2600 shell and rebuilt the Lynx into a console. It works well, too! I would not go that far to do that, but a McWill sounds interesting. I am a bonafide purist when it comes to preserving my game collection, so I might not do that at all. We'll see. Thanks for letting me share. :O)

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