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Frosted Atari Lynx Stand

Clint Thompson

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For those who may not have already seen this elsewhere, I received some really nice frosted and clear Lynx stands today and can't express just how nice they are. Especially considering the price for two of them shipped to me was right at $20. Look up RoseColoredGaming if you're interested. 7.99 once you add it to the cart otherwise they're $9.99 normally.








and by itself:




Both clear and frosted:



7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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My Lynx II wouldn't stay on that stand very long at a time.  What can I say?  It's my favorite portable.   :atari_lynx:  I like it better than Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced.  Then again, I'm an oddball.  I'm the one who still thinks the 5200 is an awesome console and that the Virtual Boy was one of Nintendo's better achievements...even if it failed and made everything look red if it was played for too long.  Still would like that stand.  Might have to try to get one.

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Shame about the big RF shield inhibiting the view of the motherboard, because this is damn sexy otherwise:




Yes..it is...but then the SuperNT came along and is out now essentially beating RCG to the punch. But I do love RCG's stands and have the clear Lynx, OG Gameboy, 2x - New 3Dxl, 3x - Wii remote, 3x - Genesis cart stands. When you have a game room with collection pieces in it, these stands not only make the setup look that more professional, but also make it easier to cram more crap together in smaller spaces as well! LOL

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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