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Atari "VCS" (the Atari Box saga continues)

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Another update from Atari...


We hope that each of you, your families, and your friends are staying safe and healthy during the quarantine. This unusual period has presented many challenges, but also afforded some opportunities for the Atari VCS team to capitalize on the extra time that comes with staying put. May 30th, 2020 marks the two year anniversary of the Atari VCS campaign on Indiegogo, and while to some it may feel like it's been even longer, we know it's all been worth it. The Atari VCS has come a long way and it’s almost here! Still, we ask that everyone please remember that to successfully make these final steps, as short as they are, the Atari VCS remains fully-dependent on the China supply and manufacturing chain returning to normal conditions.

Despite the ongoing travel restrictions, we continue working closely with our manufacturing partners to finalize the production and delivery of the Atari VCS system and accessories this year. The team is spending more time than ever on trans-continental video conferences to make up for the lost factory visits. The first batch of ~500 Atari VCS has made steady progress to completion, with some key discoveries along the way that have allowed the teams to further refine the production processes.

Atari VCS team members and a closed test-group have been putting the hardware and software through their paces over the past several weeks. Head over to our newest Atari VCS Developer Blog on Medium to read our latest update. We think you will be pretty excited when you see some of the games and apps that testers have been running on their Atari VCS units.

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