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RED ALERT: Please Read! BIG Changes Coming to the Atari I/O Forums!

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Here's a SNEAK PEEK at What's Coming. Click Above Video To Watch!




We're upgrading to a new version of the software that powers the forums. Atari I/O Forums will run on the latest incarnation of the industry-leading community forum software, powering thousands of message boards online. This is a complete redesign from the ground up, and will include new features not yet found in Atari forums online.


This is a very big deal, this will affect everybody in the forums.






  • This is a GOOD thing. We're upgrading to the next level.
  • More features, more opportunities to make the forums better.
  • Best of all, we're bringing back Wednesday Night Atari Chat! That's right, the chat room will be back, new and improved.
  • Things are going to look very different. Things will look and feel different in the forums.
  • The forums will be "under construction" for a while, while we dial things in.






Wednesday Night Atari Chat returns to the forums! Within a few weeks of our new chat room opening Wednesday Night Atari Chat will be back, hosted by Justin, btbfilms76, and The Professor. You might see DeLorean, Doctor Octagon, and Museum Matt pop in too! Expect NEW games, contests, events and trivia nights to be back later this summer or fall.


We care very much about your experience in the Atari I/O Forums, and we’re looking at all options to make the new chat room bigger and better than ever before. You choose to spend time here and we want it to feel like home. A big part of what has made this community so special was the chat room and the events held there. We want to get it right.






PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR CURRENT LOGIN AND PASSWORD. Write it down somewhere and keep it safe. Captcha is offline until the upgrade. If you forgot your password and need to reset it, send me a PM and we will reset it for you. Also make sure to back up any important files, contacts or information you have stored in PMs, galleries or posted in the forums.  NOW is the time to take care of this. Don’t wait!


We may experience some interruptions during the upgrade. The forums may be inaccessible for short periods of time, member pips (rankings) may disappear briefly, and things could feel unfamiliar. Captcha is offline. Expect the unexpected.







(Over the coming weeks)

Our forums upgrade will take place over the coming weeks. The big switchover will happen mostly at once, with fine tuning and new features coming online as we dial things in.




(In time for summer)

A new chat room will open in the forums following completion of the upgrade. Within a few weeks of the new chat room opening, Wednesday Night Atari Chat will begin with weekly hosted events by Justin, btbfilms76, and The Professor. We’re lining up new trivia events, contests and prizes to follow shortly thereafter.




(TBA - After phase I & II are completed)

Further customization (Time & $$$) of the forums may take place at some point following the completion of our forums upgrade and launch of the new chat room. This will depend on user feedback and our experience with the new forums going forward.

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I'm assuming most stuff will transfer, like old threads and such, but do you have any idea if there is anything that won't transfer over?

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Very cool, very cool, very cool!


Glad you're on board TrekMD!


Ahh heck, change is bad, I still wish it was the 80's!  Kidding aside, can't wait to see the new digs.


Thanks AtariBrian! Missed seeing ya in the chat!


This is like having a landlord that cares about their property.  Never participated in the Wed night chats.  Might have to make an agenda for it ;)


Absolutely! THANK YOU! And we don't even charge for rent  ^_^  Hope you'll participate in Wednesday Night chats once it's rolling again, you'd be a great person to have in the chat!


Yes ive missed chat night!


Me too! Can't wait to have it back, I'm excited for new chat nights, new events, new contests and so much more.

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I'm assuming most stuff will transfer, like old threads and such, but do you have any idea if there is anything that won't transfer over?


Sharp thinking nosweargamer. It's a great question, the answer's YES. We're discussing all of these issues right now 


What I know for sure won't transfer over is the theme we use for the forums. The skin that gives the forums its look and feel cannot be used, so things will look noticeably different. But what does that entail? Does that mean your avatars won't transfer over? Member ranks? All of our great emojis? Will I have to go in and re do all of those things from scratch?


I will post updates and keep you guys in the loop as we move closer to the update.

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24 minutes ago, Kid A said:

The new forum is awesome. Especially on mobile now. I'm loving this very much!

THANK YOU Kid A! Working hard to get this right. This is a more simple look for the forums but the platform is actually lightyears beyond what it was. There's so much more we can do with this that I'm looking forward to digging into.

Have you guys seen our new profiles? It's almost like a Facebook or Twitter page.

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