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RED ALERT: Please Read! BIG Changes Coming to the Atari I/O Forums!

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1 hour ago, kamakazi20012 said:

Question for anyone that may know.  What are the dimensions of the profile cover photo?  I know the size limit is 511MB.  I need the X and Y limits, please.  Thank you!

Sure thing! Here you go:


Profile Photo (Avatar)
2.048 MB Upload Limit
1000 x 1000 Max


Profile Cover Photo
6MB Upload Limit
1920 x 731 Recommended Optimum Size
3125 x 1685 Recommended Max

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Volunteer(s) needed to be in charge of adding new events to the calendar. Preferably someone knowledgable about upcoming gaming events around the country. This includes Gaming Expos, Tournaments, Club Events, Arcade Openings, Trade Shows etc. Also, the ability to make clear, concise, nice looking posts is a big plus. Our new calendar is a big improvement, you can see it here: https://forums.atari.io/calendar/ If more than one person would like to help maintain the calendar that would be terrific. Thanks!

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On 11/29/2018 at 11:22 PM, Justin said:

Thanks kamakazi, I imagine it's like debugging a game 😀

Actually, after taking web design courses, its worse.  I've had a simple CSS add-on throw a whole site out of whack.  Removing the add-on only made matters worse.  Best thing I found to do was to back up the entire site before adding/changing anything.  This way should an error occur you can return back to a working model before changes were performed.  It is a headache when just one thing can upset the whole project.

When I was developing my web site project I thought I could use the same inner pages for both 2600 and NES games.  The NES games did not like the settings and design the 2600 games used requiring their own page.  Planning on paper helped, using mock ups made in an imaging program helps a lot.

Also, idea for a header image to go behind the Atari.io name if you plan to do it.  An image showcasing all the Atari hardware, mostly right justified so it doesn't fight the site name. Just a thought.

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