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POP QUIZ -- 8/13/2014

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Answer the following three questions. The first to do so correctly will win a prize.



1.) : In Donkey Kong, what is the name of the damsel in distress who must be rescued?



2.) : In Asteroids, what is the special feature that allows your ship to warp from one location on the screen to another by pulling back on the joystick?



3.) : This man combined an entire breadboard of components into a single chip, known as the TIA - the display hardware for the Atari 2600. He also headed up the design of ANTIC and CTIA, and would later go on to found Amiga after leaving Atari.



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CONGRATULATIONS, TheOldDragoon!! Your perfect score has won the Prize! We will private message you in a moment for your address and details, we'll FedEx your prize and you should have it in the morning.


If you didn't win this time, there will be other chances to win more prizes soon! You never know when we might have a Pop Quiz!



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