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Empty Nest Dogged By Hiccups


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Remember the show Empty Nest? It was a spin-off of The Golden Girls that ran on NBC in the late '80s and early '90s. Richard Mulligan played a doctor who lived next door to the Golden Girls, and David Leisure who was Joe Isuzu played the other neighbor who was like the Kramer of the show, always coming over and annoying people. Richard Mulligan owned a dog on the show named Dreyfuss, he was a good dog but once he got the hiccups and all hell broke loose on the set! Here's the story:



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You can't make a story like this up!

(Unless you're a clever showrunner, or a just-as-clever Canine Agency service)


Watched Empty Nest back in the day, cuz I was a big fan of Richard Mulligan, whose Bert made the ahead-of-its-time show Soap such a fun watch.

Actually, everybody on Soap was brilliant, including the writers and directors.

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