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Sega controllers for Sony PlayStation

Atari 5200 Guy

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Keep in mind that the controller is no mock-up...it's for sale as "junk" on ebay.  I did a search for "video game junk" and it popped up.  I think it's cool but found it odd to see Sega making something for Sony.  Then again Sega did make good hardware when they were not trying to make one piece of hardware look like a Transformer with a dozen add-ons.  


I'll see if I can find out more about this controller.

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Ha, I wonder how many other great things are listed under "junk", I love oddities / rarities like that. My favorite Sega controller is a 3 button Genesis pad, no different than anyone except it is the one that came with the JVC Sega X'eye console (Some would know it as the Wonder MEga) and so it has the lettering JVC right in the center of the pad and to me this is just cool. I love the days when consoles and accessories were made by a variety of companies, like the Samsung or GoldStar 3DO consoles etc. 



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So apparently, it's a wireless ps2 controller, which makes sense, since Sega supported the PS2 after the Dreamcast died.

And they made another color:


And, they made some Saturn style controllers for the PS2 as well:






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