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Favorite Twilight Zone episodes


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I know alot of us here are Twilight Zone fans and id be interested to hear what yalls favorite episodes are. I love anything have to do with apace and astronauts.


My favorite episode might just be "Death Ship". Another one of my favs is "I Shot an Arrow into the Air" and a good classic to me is "The After Hours"

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I am not sure I could decide, love so many of them, I was always glued to the screen as a kid and would even watch the same episodes over and over. Also loved how episodes could be dark, sinister or even slap stick or comical, every genre of story but always a cool twist or reveal at the end, so imaginative. I think that was the thing, I never knew what to expect from one episode to the next! Also amazing how many young stars at the peak of their careers debuted on the series. Seeing people like Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery was always a treat, fantastic imagery but the story telling, so engaging that often what was left to your own imagination was even better! Without looking up episodes of the top of my head I recall loving (DO NOT READ THESE DESCRIPTIONS IF YOU PLAN ON RE-WATCHING OLD TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES)  - 1. Episode where an astronaut basically power trips making himself a "god" over tiny civilization on a planet they land on only to be squished under the feet of other space travellers that land at the end. 2. An astronaut that believes he landed on a planet where the population has disappeared, he cannot find any people thought he has a feeling he is being watched but every clue he follows turns up nothing in the end and he is going mad from loneliness, we find out he is an experiment put into an isolation chamber with no contact and his mind has created this nightmare. 3. A crook / cheat / gambler is killed and ends up in what would seemingly be heaven, unlimited winning at gambling, booze, woman etc, only to discover he can never , ever lose, he is in fact IN HELL. Ok that one may seem odd but you have to see it as my description does not do it justice lol.  


Really though there are so many great ones I cannot even recall them all. 

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  • Any of the Burgess Meredith episodes, with "Time Enough at Last" being the highlight.  There's just something about this actor that fits the show to a tee. 

"To Serve Man".  Richard Kiel as the main alien is just about the most perfect casting of all time. 

"It's a Good Life".  Billy Mumy, the creepy jack-in-the-box, the absolute perfect story. 

"Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?".  Wonderful ensemble cast.  I love the ending.  The Martian is the only person I know who could hold an N64 controller correctly. 

"The Howling Man".  Terrifying portrayal of the devil.

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