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Mateos cart thoughts? (Podcast help. :) )


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HA! Thought I'd change things up a bit. :)


But anyhoo...episode 36 of The Atari 7800 Homebrew Podcast will be focusing on a piece of homebrew hardware, specifically Juan Mateos' 16-in-1 rewritable Atari 7800 multicart. You can find the podacst on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, the website http://homebrew78.fab4it.com, or use this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/homebrew78.


What are your thoughts on the Mateos cart?


You can also e-mail text or audio to homebrew78 -at- fab4it -dot- com. I'm looking at Wednesday, May 16, 11:59pm CDT as the deadline for this one.


Comments are welcome any time, including after the deadline; any feedback from after the deadline will simply be addressed during a later episode.

Supernatural, perhaps...baloney, perhaps not.

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I answered this over on the AA forums as well..but here is what I stated:


"Simply put the Mateos 16 in 1 (8 in 1 in 144k mode) is the most compatible flash multi-cart available for the 7800 currently. I love mine! It isn't the easiest multi-cart I've worked with since:


- it requires the additional burner/dumper module to be plugged onto it and then into your computer in order to update the data on it

- it is finicky to get working on anything newer than windows 7 without some old school DOS command knowledge

- you are restricted due to flash space as you can only store 16 games at once if they are 128k or less in size, or 8 games max if you have the cart set to 144k mode for larger games


Physically the cart is built well with proper components, but some might find the overall bulk of the cartridge to be bit much. Especially if you want to house it in an old 7800 cartridge shell as it requires cutting the cart shell to fit it in properly, or modification of the mateos cart itself for it to fit better in a standard 7800 shell.


It is supposedly possible to mix and match roms of different sizes to be able to mix both 128k and lesser games in addition to 144k games and have more than the 8 game limitation, but I believe it to be most stable if you just stick to only 16 games or 8 games depending on the mode you have it set to. Additionally, it can't accept anything larger than 144k so any newer homebrews in the future that use larger bank switch methods etc. obviously can't be loaded onto this cart. But so far there are only a small select homebrews or WIP games where this would be an issue. But at least for everything I wanted to play and new WIP homebrews I've been interested in checking out, Mateos cart for the 7800 has been excellent! It is also quite affordable as well when compared to other flash carts for other systems.


So again,  for my needs it has been great and works just as I expect and need it to and until something better comes along that has a better track record of working, it is the best option available as a flash multi-cart for the 7800."

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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I do not have one of these but I've heard of them and I know they are really nice flashcarts. 

I've never heard of it.  Sounds really cool.  Wish I had one.  Are they still available to purchase?


Nevermind...found more info here: 

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