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GAUNTLET - The Retroist Podcast

The Professor

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One of our favorite podcasts has a new episode up this weekend, and it's entirely dedicated to the classic Atari great, Gauntlet! Retroist is a fantastic podcast, and Gauntlet is an incredible game that influenced so many others. I hope you'll find the time this weekend to maybe put on a great game, tune in and listen to this great podcast. Maybe it'll become a weekend routine!


Listen to the Retroist Podcast here:




or search iTunes for Retroist Podcast.


Here's what The Retroist had to say about the episode:



Retroist Podcast – Episode 185 – Gauntlet


On today’s show I talk about the 1985 arcade classic, Gauntlet. I start off talking about how this game helped me save face when I had some misgivings about seeing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in the theater. Then I talk about the development of the game and its predecessor, Dandy. I also delve into the game’s strategy, game play, reception, sequels, ports and much more. My sincere apologies to Thyra the Valkyrie whose name I repeatedly fail to mention.

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