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Breaking News: Intellvision Entertainment is making a new system!

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You know...that Amico looks more attractive than the "Atari VCS" to me.  Seriously...that thing looks cool.  Now let's see just how well it will deliver.

It also seems like developers would have to follow strict rules which can be a good thing.  I like the idea of family-friendly games.  I also like the price range of the games.  And it's suppose to come with 80 Intellivision Games?  Impressive.  2020?  Yep...I'll be marking my calendar and preparing.  I may actually invest in this.  What's cool about it the most, for me, is that some original Intellivision guys are said to be helping with this project.  It looks promising and I really hope, in a positive way, it ends up being everything Intellivision has set out to accomplish with it.

Right now I could care less about the other thing coming out...what was it again?

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