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McWill LCD Upgrade for Atari Lynx


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I just got my Atari Lynx back after using an eBay modder.  I got the McWill LCD screen update, re-cap, and a new speaker (mine was blown).  It's a very impressive upgrade.  In many cases, it's like playing the games for the first time.  Games like Pinball Jam with lots of motion go from "meh" to "Wow!" status. 


Here's a few pictures of my collection.  There are numerous videos on youtube showing before/after that really tell a better story than any picture I could take.  I suggest checking those out.


So for anyone else interested, here are my pros/cons:



  • Amazing picture quality.  Very bright and easy on the eyes. 
  • I'm told battery life goes way up.  But I haven't tested this.  I just use an AC adapter on mine.  I will not risk battery leakage in my Lynx. 
  • For anyone doing YouTube Atari Lynx reviews -- the McWill with VGA-out is a must. 


  • Spendy. 
  • Difficult to do.  I sent mine out to an ebay modder, which was nerve-wracking and took a long time.  But in the end, it worked out just fine.


Was it worth it?  For me, absolutely yes.  It turned a dim screen with obvious lines into something much much better.



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Out of curiousity, and please do PM if you rather not reveal it publically, but I'd like to know how much it cost you for all of that. I know how much the McWill kit itself is and I know how involved it is having done both a Lynx II and my 1 asic game gear. (game gear was MUCH more difficult).

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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Wanted to mention that I recently did a BennVenn LCD upgrade in a clients Lynx II. It is a much simpler installation as only one easy to remove component has to come out and with the new brackets for the LCD they essentially drop in easily now to replace. Still requires nearly the same amount of soldering, but it is all along one side and area of the Lynx II making the installations look cleaner overall.

The picture from this newer LCD is softer but I think I like that more. It does show horizontal pattering across the image but not enough to really detract from the game at all. You can adjust the brightness levels of the BennVenn LCD but on the one I did the changes were very subtle and I'm not sure it needs it. 

But yeah, for roughly the half the cost you can get excellent output from a Lynx II with the new BennVenn kit. 


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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