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Games on Cartridge Available:HeliCommander, Laser Blast X,& TileSmahers by PeteyM5 at the AtariSales online store.


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New updated Video for Laser Blast X. Done with better conversion with better detail. Showing different game options with both 8-bit and 5200 version. Different options include playing against 3 tanks, 4 tanks, tanks + fighers, and 6 tanks. Also enemy lasers or enemy bolts. Fixed space formation or random movement of each tank. Many different options than the 2600 version to make the game more challenging and better graphics. 


The 8-bit and 5200 version cartridge comes with an laminated instruction sheet. Clam shell packaging. Laser Printed Labels. 

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Some people had been asking Lance at Atarisales about Laser Blast X and have not the information. So I made a new more detailed video. This is based on the 2600 version of Laser Blast, but with more advance graphics and many extra features. I added X to the end to symbolize it being more extreme, having something extra, and also represent XL/XE Atari 8-bit computers, The game does run on the Atari 400/800 with as little as 16K RAM. because it does not depend on the oprtating system to perform many of its functions. Also matches the memory size of the Atari 5200.
Some of the advance features include playing against 3, 4, or 6 tanks on the ground. Fixed distance apart or have them move independently. They can shoot laser back at you or hellfire type missiles. You can also have enemy spaceships flying between you and the tanks, that also shoot back at you. This was possible because the Atari 8-bit has 4 independent sprite (players) horizontal positioning and set them multiple times within a TV frame with DLIs. Instead of the 2600 2 sprite (players) and being triplicated 3 times fixed distance apart.
I wish to thank Lance Ringquist, and my beta testers for helping me put this game together. You are seeing news about for this game posted directly from me. News about the games will be first be posted by either myself or Lance. 
Available at HTTP://WWW.ATARISALES.COM for $39.95
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