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"Unofficial" Squad Challenge - Video Pinball (Atari 2600)

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So I made it to around 700k after getting the multipliers to 9 and bouncing up and down in the left lane for 60 times, maybe? I knew I had to get the ball back to the plunger to video this, and I did! Sorry for the cheap camera, dog barking, tv in the other room. LOL 

think it went through 235 times :o I counted the "9"'s mutiplied by 9 & then added "1"


just c/p the URL

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From what I recall greenween did that on "ball 1" (not sure how many extra balls were used)


Pretty sure he could have rolled it a few times as he had nudging the bonus lane pretty well "dialed in"


Nicely done Greenween !!!


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