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I was on the hunt today for any SNES controllers but no luck. However, my hunt was not a total loss as I found these:




I'm in the middle of cleaning the cases up which is why Midway Arcade Treasures looks like it does. The other game was a pack-in with XBOX consoles containing Project Gotham Racing 2 (a relative of Dreamcast's Metropolis Street Racing) and an Arcade disc.


What doesn't make much sense to me is the Arcade disc. I thought those had full games on them. This one only has demos. I can't find a single full game on it. You would think with it being a pack-in that there would be at least one full game on it but so far I haven't found any. It does have demos for some PopCap games including Bejeweled, Zuma, Astro Pop, and a few others plus some games that might have been exclusives to the XBOX LIVE ARCADE. Not sure on that so don't quote me.

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Not a gaming device...and not exactly modern...but found something I needed today.




Philips/Magnavox switch box for multiple devices. Has RF in and out, too! Came in original box with new RF cable and a male to male coax adapter for joining two coax cables together. 2002 model. Looks brand new. $5.


Automatically turns on when it detects a signal on any device. First box I've seen/had that has to be plugged in to an AC outlet. Most others I've seen, including the RCA one I have on another TV don't need power at all.

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Goodness that thing is a behemoth!!


It is about the same size as the JVC s700 it replaced. It is a tiny bit taller, but the same width, and not as deep as the old JVC was. Plus it can take virtually any input you could want that is analog and upscales to whatever resolution you want from 640x480 up to 1080p at different refresh rates. So..yeah there is a lot of hardware under there to make that possible LOL!


So versatile though and it only set me back $45 shipped! Course I've spent another $30 in cabling for it but I can live with that with everything it can do.


Guess that means I need to put my JVC s700 up for sale now...hmmm...

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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