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Squad Challenge - Crystal Castles Double Feature (Atari 2600 / Arcade)


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Crystal Castles
Atari 2600 / Arcade / MAME
Difficulty Level: Default

Achieve high score to win challenge
Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! ✔

Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST July 31st, 2018




Objective: Play for the highest possible score using the difficulty settings defined in the challenge. Post a photo or video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between July 15th through July 31st, 2018. Screen captures are not allowed as they are easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. We are playing Crystal Castles on Atari 2600 as well as the original Atari Arcade version. You may submit multiple scores for one or both games. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor!

Eligibility: Anyone can join in. All players are welcome!

Play Rules: Games may be played on real hardware or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following rules and game settings as delineated in the Squad Challenge. Enhancements and hacked versions of this game are not allowed.

Difficulty Level: Default. We are playing the default game on both versions of Crystal Castles (Game 1 on Atari 2600)


Fair Play: Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that no use of cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, Photoshop, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage is allowed. Everybody hates a cheater.


More: To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1219-high-score-squad-how-to-play/ 

Welcome to our 41st Squad Challenge, and our first Double Header! Crystal Castles is one of the last popular releases for the Atari 2600 during the Warner years before the company was split up and sold to Jack Tramiel. Crystal Castles is a really fun game in arcade form, and gave us what potentially could have been an Atari mascot with Bentley Bear.. We're playing TWO versions of Crystal Castles simultaneously for this Squad Challenge! The original Arcade game, and the 2600 version of Crystal Castles! You can submit scores for just one game, or scores for both versions. The choice is yours. There will be two different scoreboards (one for each version) and high score champions announced for BOTH versions of the game! Enjoy!


:mac_pirate:  Achtung!!: The site upgrade may occur during the course of this Squad Challenge, please be prepared for interruptions.


Next Month: We will have a special Squad Challenge event spanning the month of August!








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Well...looks like I'm first.




I have to admit that I prefer the 2600 version over the arcade. I never was fond of the trakball controls of the arcade. I liked it on Missile Command and Centipede/Millipede but not on Crystal Castles.


Played on real hardware of course.



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You know how I've been playing Video Pinball on Atari Greatest Hits Vol 2 for the DS on my 3DS? Well guess what? It also has both the arcade and 2600 versions of Crystal Castles! I'm not the biggest fan of CC (I like the look more than the game itself, but then again, I never played the arcade machine), but I did give both versions a go.


Arcade: 202,071 (really hard to see the high scores on this version. I assume using the first level warp is not considered cheating. I learned it from BTBs video! If it is, just let me know)



2600: 57,633


The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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So since I was playing it for the HSS, I also did a review of the 2600 version


When I posted my review on FB and Twitter, I plugged the HSS and linked to the forums.


Also, I hit a new high score while doing my review: 64,551


The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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Here are my scores!


I have two for Crystal Castles Arcade, one used the level 1 and 3 warps (both played on the DS Atari Greatest Hits Vol 2), the other was straight up from level 1:


286,336 with level 1 and 3 warp




41,852 without using any warps:




And I also have a score for the 2600 version, played on my 7800 with Genesis controller, 97,239




My daughter (Abby) also wanted to submit her high score of 5224 on the 2600:




Really enjoyed the challenge this month, this was a lot of fun!

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Best I could do was 34,865. This was actually a lot of fun to play! I haven't played the 2600 version of Crystal Castles in a long time, I guess because I usually play the arcade version. I remember getting this game as a kid and feeling slightly disappointed, but now that I play it again and keep in mind the limitations of the system I think it's a great game. I'd love to do more with Crystal Castles sometime.


My Score: 34,865


Stay tuned for a special Squad Challenge tomorrow that will run through the month of August!




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I say we give the trophy to Abby. 



My daughter (Abby) also wanted to submit her high score of 5224 on the 2600:




Really enjoyed the challenge this month, this was a lot of fun!




I really love that you included your daughter's high score Starbuck! I was hoping some of our members who are able to play classic games with their children would start doing that. Please feel free to post your kids high scores in our contests even if they don't have an account here. I love it!  :invader:

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations everyone who played!



PLINK PLINK PLINK!! Congratulations to all who participated! And a huge congratulations to Starbuck66 for his double win!! Starbuck66 topped the Crystal Castles 2600 Final Standings with an amazing 97,239 points! NoSwearGamer was close behind with 64,551 points! btbfilms, greenween, and Kamakazi20012 all showed up with respectable scores too, and we were joined by a very special player in this Squad Challenge by Abby, Starbuck66's daughter who posted 5,224 points! It's great to see members playing these games with their kids and sharing their scores here. Congrats to everyone who played! And a very special thank you to btbfilms76 for setting up the Crystal Castles live event and helping to make the Crystal Castles Squad Challenge happen. I'd encourage Starbuck66 to post his new high scores on the Scoreboard! Way to go guys!






:invader:  CRYSTAL CASTLES 2600 FINAL STANDINGS  :invader:  




1       Starbuck66                     97,239


2       nosweargamer               64,551


3       btbfilms76                      42,093


4       greenween                     38,981


5       Justin                              34,865


6       kamakazi20012              19,478


7       Abby                                 5,224











1       Starbuck66                     286,336


2       nosweargamer               202,071


3       btbfilms76                      176,603




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