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Squad Challenge - 2018 Pole Position II Grand Prix (Atari 7800)

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The problem I have with the third level is that you almost always come upon two cars, side by side, with no real easy way to pass them in the curvy sections.  Sometimes I get by them by driving on the side strip or grass.  But inevitably, I waste too much time slowing down for an opening and then can't finish the lap in time. 

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wasn't going to post this one as the timer was at zero once I crossed the finish line but someone has me beat anyway.



I would try to improve but I'm not feeling well. And forget the last track. It was making me angry!

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations everyone who played!



PREPARE TO QUALIFY!! Congratulations to all who participated! Consider this my personal shoutout to RickR, Atari Creep, BTB, Kid A, chas10e, kamakazi20012, No Swear Gamer, and our Mayor, Mr. Greenween. I love when we get a great turnout in these events and I think it's really cool that each and every one of you posted lap times. Atari Creep said it best in his Pole Position II video, it's not about stressing out to get the best lap time or highest score, it's about participating with a great group of people and just having a good time playing these games. So thank you to each and every one of you for being here! Also, I've disqualified myself from winning any course that other people posted lap times for. I don't want to win my own contests! That's like somebody throwing a party for themselves. People do it, but it doesn't look good and they aren't well liked. I love to participate though and I want you guys to beat me, badly. Nobody else posted lap times for Suzuka though so I am leaving that course up, and I will be submitting lap times to the Scoreboard. It's great to see so many members showing up for this event and sharing their lap times here, I hope it was a good reason to break out the Atari 7800 and play this game. We may do another Grand Prix again next year. Congrats to everyone who played! And a VERY special thank you to RickR who kindly sent me a Pole Position II cartridge when I couldn't find my own. This event was a lot of fun for me and the generosity in our forums is over the moon. Way to go guys!






:pole_position: TEST TRACK LAP TIMES :pole_position:   




265:14       Kid A                .


266:45       Justin               .


266:79       kamakazi20012


267:37       nosweargamer.


267:45       greenween      .


267:79       btbfilms76       .


267:79       Atari Creep      .


268:00       RickR               .


268:00       chas10e           .







:pole_position: FUJI TRACK LAP TIMES :pole_position:   




275:14       Justin               .


291:00       Kid A                .


295:00       kamakazi20012


303:37       btbfilms76       .


303:79       nosweargamer.


304:00       chas10e           .


305:00       RickR               .







:pole_position: SEASIDE TRACK LAP TIMES :pole_position:   




295:45       Justin               .


306:45       kamakazi20012


313:00       Kid A                .







:pole_position: SUZUKA TRACK LAP TIMES :pole_position:   




312:62       Justin               .









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