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What do I love besides Atari?

Atari 5200 Guy

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Sports cars!!


Mom had a Datsun 280-ZX from 1980 with T-tops. It stayed in the family for 13 years. Not being able to find parts for it anymore Mom sold it. Ever since my love for the import sports machines has grown. And I've learned quite a bit about what cars exist locally and overseas.


What links I share are of vehicles I have found for sale online in Japan. This is strictly so others can see the cars. It is in no way an attempt to promote the sale of anything.


Nissan was Mom's, me as well, favorite sports car maker. They took good car of us and her 280 when we needed it. So I searched used Nissan cars first for sale in Japan. I found this.




A silver Nissan 180SX. It looks beautiful and this is the first time I have seen real photos of one outside of a video game. No, I can't afford a new car...I can barely afford the one I have now.

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The nice thing about Japan cars are the lack of mileage due to Japan's restrictions. Once a car reaches a certain age they can no longer be road worthy. But almost all cars in Japan have maintenance done by a professional garage and are used mostly for work or weekend commute.


The 180SX in the link has 72,000 km. Translated to American miles that is under 45,000 miles. It is still a baby. Cars are generally not considered broke in until 50,000 miles. At least that is what I have been told.


I don't know how much it would cost to ship but the price of the car doesn't seem bad.

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That car is great!

I've always loved old cars, but never really wanted to own one myself.  I just feel like the newer cars are so much safer -- with the crumple zones, anti-lock brakes, traction control, etc. 


My father was an auto mechanic, and for 40 years he worked on British cars.  If any casual acquaintance would ask about the cars, he'd say "oh yeah, they're great -- you should buy one!"  But someone he was close to:  "Don't buy one.  Get a Toyota".  And in fact, that's what he drove.  I can think of 4 Toyotas he bought brand new and kept for over 10 years each.  When he died, his last car (a '07 Corolla) went to his eldest grand-daughter. 


So if you twisted my arm and made me buy a classic car -- probably the one I love the most would be an old Toyota.  Specifically, the second gen of Celica.  Look here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Celica

Second place would be the 7th gen AWD model. 


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