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Burger King anybody?

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Sometimes my local Burger King accepts expired coupons. I wonder what they would say if I printed these off and turned one in at the drive-thru. The reaction might be worth it.

LOL!  It would be better to try this driving an 80's car with an 80's outfit on.  Ha ha.  Order something they no longer sell, like a "Whaler". 

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This is priceless. Our Burger King is not that great. The "grilled" meat tastes fake and nothing like it use to. The Burger King in my hometown you could watch your burger being grilled. The nice thing about our Burger King? A soda fountain than can produce over 120 different flavors of soda. Touch screen operated!


I never knew BK had a salad bar either. I knew Wendy's did at one time but not sure if they still do or if it depends on region. But, yea, I would enjoy seeing photos or videos of someone in an all Eighties setup using those coupons lol. Might want to change the address in those coupons before using them, though.

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