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Nintendo direct September 2018


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Did anyone catch the Nintendo direct? What are you most excited about? For me i was happy to see a new Luigis mansion and a new animal crossing game. Also Isabelle is a playable character in smash!


I dont have a switch yet so i think im gonna have to pick up the smash bundle.


Anyway what did yall think of the video good or bad lets hear it??

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I was most excited about the NES controllers honestly. I would have liked to have seen, if even just another teaser, something about Metroid Prime 4.


I just learned about this from Kid A's post on Instagram with the NES controllers for Switch. (You can follow Kid A on Instagram @theradiohead) When I first saw them my thought was they were something for the NES Mini. Once he explained what they were I got excited. In the past few years I've forgone modern gaming to put more resources into classic gaming but I might have to break and by a Switch if I can get my hands on the NES controllers. Access to the classic NES games, plus Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Bomberman would really do it for me. (This is one reason I put more resources into classic gaming, every time a new system comes out I end up getting stuff like Bomberman, I just assume get the real thing)

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