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Squad Challenge - River Raid (Atari 2600)

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So, my first video had a false copyright claim against it.

I disputed it, but made a new River Raid video to potentially replace. But it too was falsely claimed by the same YouTuber.

So I wanted to ask: Did any other River Raid videos made for this thread get claimed like mine did?

I can make my video searchable and see what happens...

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Sounds like a not-so-nice nemesis is attempting to deplatform you.


It seems I'm not the only gaming channel hit by this guy. It sounds like he posts a video on a game, and then tries to put claims when other people cover the same title after his. Of course, you can't monopolize coverage of a single game, that's not how copyright works. So either he has a very skewed view of copyright, or he's just trying to earn money on other peoples work. Sadly, YouTube seems to support almost anyone who claims copyright on others work, with no need of evidence. And since the only sure way to stop it is to sue the guy, which can be costly and time consuming, it makes small channels easy prey.


Honestly, I'm not that upset about it. I just feel bad for channels taken advantage of this way. I also feel sad for people who think they have to stoop to such levels in life. We have similar size channels and tastes in games, so this is a person who I probably would get along if he chose to reach out to the community rather than exploit it.  :(

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Kid A!



WOOSH!! Congratulations to Kid A! Great to see so many people turning out for River Raid and watching everybody's game improve in the thread! Kid A posted an amazing 85,970 points! And a huge congratulations to everybody who turned out for this Squad Challenge and posting absolutely incredible scores! Many of these were so over the top. nosweargamer, Starbuck66, and btbfilms76 all posted scores well above 30,000 points, and kamakazi20012, greenween, RickR, TrekMD and Atari Creep all posted seriously respectable scores. Congrats to everyone who played! I'd encourage Kid A to post his new high score on the Scoreboard! Way to go guys!






:invader: RIVER RAID FINAL STANDINGS :invader:  




 1       Kid A                               85,970


 2       nosweargamer               56,970


 3       Starbuck66                     44,890


 4       btbfilms76                      35,410


 5       kamakazi20012              26,480


 6       greenween                     25,370


 7       Justin                              10,740


 8       RickR                              10,660


 9       TrekMD                             8,810


10      Atari Creep                       5,370

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