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Delta Space Arena - Announcing A Brand New Game For Atari 8-Bit Home Computers

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We have a new game available for Atari 8-Bit Computers at Video 61! DELTA SPACE ARENA was programmed by Peter J. Meyer who worked on Tempest Extreme and Venture for the Atari 8-Bit Computer.


When we started working on the game we wanted something that would really be reflective of the early Atari 8-Bit era on 16k cartridges.  We wanted to make a game that really reflected that "1981 Atari" look and feel of a great game on a very limited amount of memory. I used to love to play Asteroids! I wanted something that felt a lot like Asteroids and brought you back to that era, especially with the sound effects. So that's what we came up with, a very good looking game, lots of sound effects and lots of playability. One of the testers played it up past level 70! It's one of those great games that always keeps you coming back.


Game Description: Nearly 300 years into the future, you are selected to undergo space fighter training against robot ships. There will be many types of ships to destroy. But, watch out, because they can destroy you as well! You can obtain some power-ups for your ship, but avoid the "K" power-up. It will destroy your ship! 


More on Delta Space Arena: http://members.tcq.net/video61/dsa.html


The game is $39.95 and includes the cartridge in a clam shell packaging. Please visit my website: http://www.AtariSales.com or call me at (651) 462-2500 with any questions.





PS - There's a little more commentary in the video below:
















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