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Cellphone Question

Atari 5200 Guy

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Thanks, guys. We finally got a hold of AT&T (like that was easy) and they decided to "enhance" our towers but it backfired. Now every AT&T customer, locally, is without service, still. It has been two days at least and my wife is disabled and needs her phone. One day is understandable (that is pushing it) but two days is too long. She has no way to contact me if I have to run errands and she should need me.


Went to Boost mobile, who uses Sprint, and I think every other customer in there was from AT&T. But I believe we might be switching her from AT&T to Boost.

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Just an update, and I am really trying to maintain a friendly conversation through this...our local AT&T towers are not expected to be back on until the 25th. And my wife is not getting any sort of compensation for time she paid for in advance to use that is simply not there. Yea...goodbye AT&T. Anyone here know anything about Boost? All I know is that they use Sprint, and offered us today a Motorola android smartphone for $5. Down fall? We need at least $75 upfront to start a $50 service and $25 one-time activation fee. After that it will be just $50 a month, prepaid, no contract. Opinions?

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I recently ditched Virgin Mobile and went with Twigby due to needing a new phone for work.  It's only $15 per month, and I'm happy to pocket that extra I was paying before.  So far, the service has been perfect.  I think it uses the same Sprint network as Virgin did. 

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