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NEW ATARI STe game port “FROGS”

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Hi to all!

After a long time away from retro gaming I am back with some news:

Stay tuned for the ATARI STe version of the 2017 C64 Hit „FROGS“.

4 Player game including MIDI gaming, DMA Sound, all new graphics (+ C64 original graphics), computer controlled Frogs…



Trailer 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-tnO_VCYaE

C64 original game: http://frogs.drwuro.com/#ABOUT





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FROGS for STe V1 is ready for download!
2018 is a great year for ATARI STe fans! FROGS might not be the technical masterpiece the likes of r0x zero or Escape 2042. FORGS is just FUN FUN FUN!!! Multiplayer FUN FUN FUN!!!
Get up to four players for full frog pond action! Or battle against the computer!

You have a family and like to show your kids the computer of your youth? Head out to the frogpond!
• FROGS is compatible with the ST4PLAYER adapter on the parallel port.
• You can also combine the keyboard and Jagpads into the action.
• You can even connect two ATARI ST(e) with MIDI cables for a gaming network.
• You can easily configure emulators for 4 controllers and the MIST FPGA ATARI ST core is ready for four joysticks from the getgo!

Free download: http://www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs - donations welcome ;)
And if you have original hardware but no ST4PLAYER adapter, the stay tuned for the release of the ATARI ST Multiplayer Powerpack: Boxed Version of FROGS + Zatacka ST (http://www.hd-videofilm.com/zatacka) +ST4PLAYER Adapter + a shiny colourful manual and other goodies!


Frogs Wallpaper Download now.jpg

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