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So has anyone else checked out the rebooted Ducktales on Disney Channel/Disney XD? Me and my family started watching through Disney Now, and we’ve all enjoyed it so far!


Having stronger female characters is a welcome change to the show. I also like the voice actor they got for Scrooge. This show will never beat the original for me, but I’m enjoying the fact that it’s back for a new generation to enjoy!

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I loved the original. I haven't seen the new one. I heard Alan Young was slated to voice Scrooge McDuck again as he had been in the video games but he sadly passed away recently.

What? I must have missed that. I thought he did Scrooge in the first series of DT episodes along with the movie. I know he voiced him in Mickey's Christmas Carol. Sad that he passed. Makes ma want to watch Mr. Ed, too.

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