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Odyssey2 AMOK! video game cartridge!

Scott Stilphen

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AMOK! is a port of Stern's Berzerk that John Dondzila made back in 1998 and was the first homebrew game ever made for the Odyssey 2 system.  
This cartridge is a 'special edition' version of the original.  I discovered a modification can be made to this game that allows you to select which level you want to start at!  With a simple switch, the game will start automatically advancing through each level (i.e. commonly referred to as a rack advance feature in arcade games).  When the level you want to play appears, simply move the switch back and start playing!  Here's a video I did of it showing it cycling through all 100 levels:


The Game: You’re alone in a maze filled with armed, hostile robots who only have one mission – to kill you. If you even so much as touch the walls, you’ll wind up dead. You’re a little bit faster than the robots, and you have human instinct on your side…but even that won’t help you when SmileyBot, a deceptively friendly and completely indestructible smiley face, appears to destroy you if you linger too long in any one part of the maze. The object of the game? Try to stay alive however long you can. (John Dondzila Classic Gaming Creations, 1998)
Price $20 each (shipped).  PM me if interested, thanks.





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